Here is the best scaler for your daily procedures.

Without spending a fortune

Powerful Scaler that is a great choice at a very affordable cost

Total sold 19 pcs

New technology Automatic adjustment ( Feedback System ) allows this scaler to be extremely gentle on the patient, delivering optimal frequency at the tip and therefore causes little or no sensitivity

You can choose EMS or Satelec compatible

2 Versions: With or Without LED Light

Scaler Tips INCLUDED:

EMS Version: 2x G2 / 2x G1 / 1x G4 / 1x P1

SATELEC Version: 2x GD2 / 2x GD1 / 1x GD4 / 1x PD1

The Double Functions scaling and perio can effectively treat the most frequent hygiene procedures in the dental office daily work.

Packed with its intense white LED light, LED scaler compatible helps to carry dental hygiene procedures easier and safer.

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