The most flexible dental led curing light to buy for your practice

Total sold 67 pcs

The 100% aluminum alloy extra light body 100% saves most of the weight and it is very easy to clean and disinfect.

Dental Led curing light features a micro-chip controlled wavelength in the range of 420nm~480nm is proven to be the most suitable for curing all composite resins in the market.

Circuit-controlled constant power of 1800 mW/c㎡ delivers perfect illumination to the effective area of optical fiber, regardless of the charge level.

In just one click, dental led curing light wireless 3W can switch to any of the 3 programs to choose from, according to your needs: Full (up to 1400 mW/cm² ), Pulse ( Intermittent, up to 1400 mW/cm), and Incremental ( starting from 900 mW/cmand increasing to 1400 mW/cm² )

Equipped with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that has no memory effect, and will last for 500cycles of 10-second cycles on Full.

To deliver the ideal light transmittance, the optical fiber is tempered, 360° rotatable, and detachable.

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