Dental Loupes with Headlight


How the LED light will supercharge your work
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Total sold 45 pcs

The ideal all-purpose loupe in dental clinics for
endodontic cases and Surgical procedures.

The Multi-coated and scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp and clear images, reducing reflections.
Dental surgical headband loupes led 3.5X provides better and effective illumination of the working area. especially when paired with a dental LED headlight.
The unique feature of  Dental surgical headband loupes led 3.5X: You can adjust- on the go -the light beam Spot size:ø1-9mm (at 420mm of distance). Not just awesome but extremely Practical!
This carefully crafted headband loupe with LED light features an extra comfortable design, distributing the weight of the loupes across your head, therefore making them feel much lighter.
Super lightweight Galilean lens weighing less than a small cell phone (~46g). The Galilean Optics system offers an extra-wide field of view with clear vision throughout.
The light source has an impressive 5W LED power that generates 65000Lux Light intensity and has  10000hours of use.


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