Detachable Head LED 1:5 Increasing Contra Angle

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This extraordinary 1:5 increasing LED contra angle has a Replaceable Head, for excellent maintenance and perfect disinfection!

The latest technology of Angular Ceramic Bearings (Myonic Gmbh) provides extended service life, reduced vibrations, and extra quiet operation.

 The Increasing Contra-angle allows for more precise control due to its slower speed and higher torque. This can be especially beneficial for procedures that require longer working time than turbines.

Why it is Special:

  • The detachable head ensures perfect maintenance (cleaning & disinfecting) and allows a longer life of this 1:5 LED Contra Angle.
  • Speed Increasing Handpiece can be connected to any ISO E-Type Electric Motors, to ensure maximum flexibility.
  • The cellular spot LED light ensures that color accuracy and temperature are perfectly optimized. The LED light is precisely oriented in the contra-angle head, providing outstanding illumination of the treatment site.
  • The latest technology of Angular Ceramic Bearings provides extended service life, reduced vibrations, and extra quiet operation ( Read more here )


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The Detachable Head increasing Contra-angle provides more power than the Turbine, making it a better option for procedures that require higher torque and constant power.

With infection control being a popular topic in the current situation, many practices are considering how to reduce aerosol splatter in the surgery and therefore reduce the risk of virus particle transmission.
As a result, you may be considering switching to an electric contra-angle. These generate fewer aerosols and also generally benefit from internal anti-retraction systems.

The detachable head ensures perfect cleaning and disinfection for this 1:5 LEd Contra Angle.

The benefits of the 1:5 contra angle are:

This detachable head increasing contra angle 1:5 is lightweight and perfectly balanced, specifically for use for extended periods without causing strain. The compact glass rod provides outstanding illumination of the treatment site. Perfectly optimized color accuracy and color temperature help dentists work in the most suitable environment.

Advantages of Replaceable Head in LED speed increasing contra angle:

The great advantage of the detachable head results in enhanced maintenance and a longer life span of the handpiece. Even a deeper disinfection can be carried out by yourself easily. The correct maintenance can prevent the blocking of the spraying hole caused by dirty particles as well as ensure a good cooling effect.

Increasing Contra Angle provides much higher Torque than Turbines, with the result that the bur will not stop or slow down, no matter what material is being cut. This contra-angle provides great maneuverability given that the overall weight is just 105 grams.
Speed Increasing Handpiece connects to Any ISO E-Type Electric Motor.
In particular, the Angular Ceramic Bearings deliver optimum service life and extra quiet operation. Perfect and safe Cooling with 4 port Spray to effectively cool down the cutting process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Hans Dorf Praxis
Great quality for this price

Good value for money

Makarski Tandartspraktijk (Dietzenbach, DE)

very well crafted red ring contra angle

Dr. Mueller Zanhartzin (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Festes Produkt- red ring LED

Seit drei Wochen getestet, ist es sehr gut und leise

Didier Sutomo
Fantastic weight

Good price very beautiful material

christoph schweizer (Zurich, CH)
Do not hold in cleaning machine

They do not hold in cleaning machine. Maybe the dimension inside is to big or there is no groove insinde to hold them. The get pushed out from the machine while they (shuold) get cleaned and oiled....Not practical at all! Unfortunateli I am not satfied even if they look nice.

Dental lab

This product is excellent. Perfect. Arrived very quickly.

Ahmed Salah
Titanium LED Handpiece

Better than our expectations very low price

Stanley K. (Brazzaville, CG)
Super high speed turbine

Super silent and very low weight. A+

Robert Mueller (Burke, US)
Premium Kavo Handpiece

Amazing contra angle!

Prof. K. Lebandosky (Wroclaw, PL)

Good price good curing light