Ultrasurgery Tip UC2

Extraction Tip UC2 is specifically designed for cutting ligaments in Posterior Sectors. 

As can be seen, the tip is left-curved, in order to provide optimal access to posterior sectors.

Compatible with all Mectron and Woodpecker units.
Made of titanium nitride for a great hardness of the surface and for a longer life span.

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Original price was: $42.50.Current price is: $34.00.

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Extraction Tip UC2 is specifically designed for Posterior Sectors for cutting ligaments. 

Why use it?

Extraction Tip UC2 is also highly recommended for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Extraction Tip UC2 design and materials:

As can be seen, the tip is left-curved, in order to provide a minimally invasive approach. Moreover, Titanium nitride covers the full body. Furthermore, this material provides a longer life span. In general, the amplitude of longitudinal vibration depends on the device. While the longitudinal vibration ranges from 40 to 200 µm, while vertical vibration is between 20 and 60 µm.

Basic advantages of Piezo Surgery (and Ultrasurgery Tips) in dentistry:

Manufacturers and the dental community developed the Piezoelectric (or piezosurgery) technique for the atraumatic cutting of bone by way of ultrasonic vibrations. As a result, this innovative approach is a reliable alternative to mechanical and electrical instruments in conventional oral surgery.
The great advantage of piezo surgery in dentistry is that it is selective for calcified materials such as bone and teeth. The surrounding soft tissue absorbs the vibration of the (generally) metallic working attachments so that it vibrates with the working tip. Consequently, the tip selectively ablates calcified tissue from the bone.

We offer a wide range of Ultrasurgery Tips

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Dentists use different sizes and types of piezosurgery tips for intra-oral procedures. Ultrasonic vibration formed in line with the piezoelectric principles by means of vibration on the insert mounted onto the tip of the instrument.

CE Certification, FDA Certification.

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