Titanium Coated Dental Composite Instruments

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Enjoy an exceptional non-stick placement of materials!

A highly polished finish provides a longer aesthetic and corrosion resistance. This set will last much longer than any other steel instrument!

No more annoying composite sticking on your filling instruments:

  • Those composite instruments are designed specifically for placing, sculpting, and contouring direct composite resins.
  • The titanium coating minimizes the adhesion of the composite to the instrument.
  • All those 6 instruments are made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel, with a final titanium-coated finish. This coating treatment provides for exceptional non-stick placement of materials without using any separating medium (spirit or monomer) while handling or shaping the material.
  • Titanium Nitride coating resists scratching, minimizes composite tug-back, and is corrosion-resistant. Each instrument and the surgical box are autoclavable at 135°.

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Composite filling titanium-coated set

Titanium Coated Dental Composite Instruments includes six pieces of all the must-have hand instruments needed to work with composite or glass ionomers. These are double-ended instruments with all the indispensable shapes, designed to shape and condense the filling material. Moreover, this essential set of 6 instruments makes it simple for the dentist to place, shape, and contour dental composites. Each instrument is made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, with a titanium-coated finish. Therefore, Dentists use this set in any common obturation technique for finishing the margins of plastic filling restorations.Video watch

The advantages of titanium-coating finish:

The final titanium coating treatment makes the instruments Non-Sticky thereby no need to use a separating medium (spirit or monomer ) while handling or shaping the material. A highly polished finish provides a longer aesthetic and corrosion resistance. Unlike similar instruments, this set will last much longer than any other steel instrument!
The ultra-smooth surface is highly resistant to sticking and scratching, and it greatly helps to correctly place in situ any composite material. 

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Titanium Coated Dental Composite Instruments Specifications:

Medical Grade premium quality stainless steel with a titanium-coated finish.
Each instrument is autoclavable at 135°. The instrument’s length is 18.5cm.  should be Please note: gently wipe those composite instrument ends with an alcohol-saturated swab, immediately after use. This procedure minimizes thin layers of composite from building up after use and extends the life of the instrument.


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St. Augustin rd dental

All good including FREE shipping

Dental services (Warsaw, PL)
Super quality

Well done set of instruments and good price

Dr. Stan (Fairfax, US)
all well

Fast delivery, nice price, condition and quality as described!Excellent!

Alexandros Psilloris (Fairfax, US)

Good deal good Titanium instruments set!

Dr Rickard
Composite filling titanium coated set

Cheap priced and very roughly manufactured.
Better to buy ONE expensive good instrument than six poorly produced ones.
Unlikely to be used.
You get what you pay for.
Would not recommend.

Dr. Daniel S.
Affordable and solid

It's good and efficient

Eden Hills care (Melbourne, AU)
Composite instruments set

Great set for this price!

Dr. Streiff

useful set, all OK

Hans Krupp Praxis (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Composite set

We bought 2 filling titanium sets and we are happy

Praxis Wassermann (Vienna, AT)
As described

This is my third time to buy products from dynatech. nice titanium set and fast shipping.