Are you running out of ultrasonic scaler tips?
Our 6 tips kit is the perfect solution

And the price is very attractive, too!

  Total sold 40 pcs

Bonus: EMS Satelec Ultrasonic scaler tips kit includes a useful autoclavable 6 inserts Holder, to sterilize and store your new scaler tips.

We all know that Scaling teeth is precision work. Dentists need ultrasonic scaler tips which can provide linear, regular micro oscillations associated with perfect irrigation control.

Why choose Ultrasonic Scaler tips EMS or Satelec compatible:

Our scaler inserts can achieve up to 40 % longer lifetime compared to conventionally coated tips, thanks to

The reason? Our tips are made by dedicated special alloy ( 3cr13 ) which makes the surface of our scaler tips extremely hard and highly resistant against abrasive wear. This allows the longest Life-Span possible, and superior resistance against break and rust.

Operate precisely via perfectly regular vibrations in linear mode with a tight fit on the handpiece.

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