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We have crafted a collection of useful guides. Ranging from Technical knowledge to practical buyers insight, we at Dynatech Industrial hope you will find those guides useful for moving your practice to the next level!

premium handpiece high speed

The Definitive Guide 2024 for Handpiece Buyers

Buying a new dental handpiece for your practice may prove to be a highly significant capital expense. Not only are these dental handpieces relatively expensive, but, you will also need to consider the operational costs and maintenance that will be required to keep the instruments running optimally on a long-term basis.
In our  detailed guide, we will provide you with the basic criteria for choosing your next dental handpiece for your practice.

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dental handpiece bearings

Handpiece Cearmic Bearings: The Most Complete Guide for Dentists

In terms of dental handpiece selection, it doesn’t get much more challenging than choosing a bearing for a dental handpiece. As a matter of facts, Handpiece Ceramic bearings are the core of the handpiece’s rotors. The handpiece itself is just an hollow case or a “shell” to provide a means of controlling the turbine.
Ceramic bearings offer many advantages over all-steel bearings, such as higher speed and acceleration capability, increased stiffness and lower friction.

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endomotor with integrated apex locator

Endomotors: Everything you need to know – 2024 updated

As you already know, the maximum time of the dentist and the dental clinic is used in Root Canal Treatments.
Modern Endo Motors provide high-grade flexibility: In contrast to hand instrumentation, endodontic equipment is generally not limited by the file system employed.
In root canal preparation, the safety usage of the instrument depends on considering the torque at the failure of the instrument.

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sixt generation apex locator

Sixt Generation Apex Locators: Almost Perfect?

Advancements in dental science and technology led to the development of apex locator generations. The newest and most reliable is a modified version of the fifth generation known as the sixth generation (adaptive apex locators), exhibiting enhanced accuracy in working length measurement.
The precision of readings in this generation is not affected by the presence of blood, sodium hypochlorite, or while manipulating dry canals.

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Curing lights
one second curing light

Curing Lights in Dentistry – 2024 Complete Guide

LED light-curing devices emit light in the blue segment of the visible spectrum, typically falling between 440 and 490 nm, and do not produce heat. Second and third-generation LED units exhibit significantly increased light output when compared to their predecessors.
Newer Curing Lights incorporate multiple LEDs with varying wavelength ranges. This enhances the spectrum of emitted light and boosts overall intensity to effectively polymerize all dental materials activated by visible light.        

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