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Implant surgery is already a very heavy and stressful procedure. Discover how a revolutionary handpiece can help.

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The full body is made of genuine 100% Titanium.
25% weight reduction provides a greater tactile response, incredible control, and reduced hand and wrist fatigue.
The maximum available Torque of ≥ 65Ncm² can effectively provide great cutting power even in presence of high-density bone.
Thanks to the extensive use of the latest available bearings technology such as Angular Ceramic Bearings ( Read More ), vibration and noise are considerably lower than other implant contra angle.
To guarantee perfect isolation, it is designed with a Sealed Head and Anti-Suction system to avoid fluids and debris to get into the delicate parts.

Dental Implant Contra Angle 100% Titanium fits ANY E-Type electric motor!


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100% Titanium Top Dental Implant Handpiece

This dental implant Contra Angle is incredibly lightweight thanks to Titanium which provides the operator a great relief from fatigue and smooth operativity.

Meeting the demands for a lower cost without any concessions in quality.

Some of LED Dental implant contra angle features are:

The 100% Titanium body provides also the best ergonomic grip possible, assuring in the meanwhile

perfect resistance to oxidation and corrosion, resulting in a longer instrument service life.

Handpiece weight is considerably reduced and ergonomic hand comfort is greatly enhanced

with an improved tactile sense and secure grip.

Why choose LED 20:1 dental implant contra angle made of Titanium:

The contra-angle with a ratio of 20:1 is a standard implantology instrument and matches

ANY E-Type of ISO E-Type Electric Motor.

In detail, a remarkable Maximum Torque of ≥ 65Ncm² allows this surgical Contra Angle to perfectly work even in high-density bone without losing cutting power. 

This contra angle adopts Angular Ceramic Bearings ( MORE ) vibration and noise are considerably reduced than other implant contra angle.

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Of course, the contra-angle is Thermo disinfectable and sterilizable in the autoclave at 135ºC.
LED 20:1 implant contra angle features a Sealed Head design, to guarantee perfect isolation.

Besides, LED cellular glass rod delivers a perfect illuminated spot on the working site

with increased visibility of even difficult access areas in the oral cavity during dental implant sessions

In conclusion, this surgical contra-angle LED 20:1 is definitively one of the best choices for all your implant surgery operations!

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Product Testimonials

You are in good company!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Nie tylko ekonomiczne, ale te bardzo dobrej jako

Dr. P. Kowalczyk / Lodz
Friday, May 28, 2021

This implant handpiece is awesome and price is soooo god

Prhot Dr. med. dent. / linz
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I buy from dynatech from 2 years, products are good quality

Ibrahim Hassan / Rabat
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tardo un poco pero excelene el artculo gracias

Obsispo dental / San L. Obsispo
Friday, June 11, 2021

Second purchase of this contra angle. Perfect

Dr.Dejan gluck / Germany
Monday, April 26, 2021

Perfect and very low weight! Easy transaction, all good

Brendt Worgensson Med. / Gothenburg
Weight 0.6 kg
Contra angle reduction 20:1 / Fits any E-type connection / Torque Max 65Ncm² / For CA burs (∅2.35)

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