Tips are made of 99.9% pure silver, to provide ideal conductivity, flexibility, and durability!

The built-in Intelligent Temperature Control allows a short preheating time of just within15 seconds! You can choose between 4 default temperatures.

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Endodontic Obturation Pack

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Lubricating system

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Why it is special:

  • NEW: The intelligent display (Pen) auto-adjusts for right-hand or left-hand operators!
  • A Built-in Intelligent Temperature Control allows a short preheating time of just 15 secs. You can choose between 4 default temperatures (150° 180° 200° 230°) just by switching with one click. This high-precision temperature control ensures the uniform hardness of gutta-percha.
  • The injection needle is made out of 99.9% pure silver with good thermal conductivity, flexibility, and durability. The needle can be mounted at 6 angles, to ensure the best ergonomics in any situation.
  • Obturation Gun comes with 4 needles included: 1x 23G-24mm 1x 23G-28mm 2x 25G-24mm
  • Obturation Pen comes with 4 tips included: 1x 0.45 mm Taper 0.04 – 1x 0.45 mm Taper 0.04 – 1x 0.55 mm Taper 0.06 – 1x 0.55 mm Taper 0.08.

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Endodontic Obturation Pack

Endodontic Obturation Pack offers a revolutionary and convenient option for continuous wave obturation. With the user in mind, both the Pack and Fill are lightweight and ergonomically designed to allow for comfortable handling.
Each offers outstanding heating performance, as the fill needs just 15 secs to reach the preheating temperature, therefore operations can fast start, without a long waiting time. endodontic obturation pen

Technical information:

A 1900mAh highly efficient and replaceable lithium battery ensures that both MaxFill-G and MaxFill-P have an extended battery time of 4 hours. As a result, it is ideal for longer and more complicated procedures.
Moreover, the device’s unique 4 default temperatures (150℃180℃200C230C) allow a fast switch with one click. Last: 6 positions rotatable injection needle allows dentists to easily rotate the angle for filling, providing great maneuverability and ergonomics.
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Why should you buy Endodontic Obturation System:

In short, this Endodontic Obturation Pack reinforces Dynatech Industrial’s commitment to providing low-cost, high-quality solutions for everyday dental procedures.

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Full Pack, Obturation Gun, Pen

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zahnartz Vogel (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Good price

Endo pack is better than our expectations very low price

Dr Rickard (Blackheath, GB)
Endodontic Obturation Pack

Bought as a non specialist Endodontic associate GDP.
Great to use and very accurate. If the Back fill gun could be in an easily pen format this obturation pack would be a must in any dentist Endodontic tool kit.
Very competitive priced , very professionally presented and great finish of instruments.

Ralf B. Tannlege (Tainan City, TW)
Endodontic Obturation Pack

I'm surprised by the quality! For a fraction of other brands, this endo system is very good.

DR.Pitts (Tainan City, TW)
Endodontic obturation pack

I usually, don't buy expensive products online but Pen and Gun are extremely well done. Price is very honest 5*

Southgate Orthodontics (London, GB)
Endodontic Obturation Pack

I'm very happy with those 2 products. Especially I like the temperature settings, which I can change from low to high fast.