Looking for a robust and powerful cordless led Curing Light at the most competitive price? You are on the right page!

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Cordless LED Curing Light has 3 Programs to choose from, according to your needs: Full Power (up to 1400 mW/cm² ), Pulse ( Intermittent, up to 1400 mW/cm2 ), and Incremental ( starting from 900 mW/cm2 and increasing to 1400 mW/cm² )

The ergonomic design and reduced diameter ensure a great feeling when in use.

Installed High power light-emitting diode provides constant power of 1000W/㎡ ~ 1400 mW/c㎡.

The Light operates from 440nm – 490nm, to meet all standard light-curing needs.

The long-lasting lithium battery allows using of Cordless LED Curing Light for 100 cycles of 20secs with one full battery charge.

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