3.5x is the highest power magnification available in Galilean System!

For Dentists, It offers plenty of power while it still maintains the simple design and lightweight character of a Galilean-style loupe.

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Dental Galilean Loupe 3.5X With Anti-Fog Frame

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3.5X magnification provides a wide expanded field of view and a deep depth of field for the best possible usability.

Why it is Special:

  • 3.5x is the highest power magnification available in Galilean System (Short Tube). It offers plenty of power while it still maintains the simple design and lightweight character of a Galilean-style loupe.
  • The most popular model among dental hygienists and dentists! Wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily procedures.
  • Those 3.5X Loupes feature an Ultra light-weight body and frame for maximum comfort. For maximum wearability, you can enjoy a fully adjustable viewing angle, pupil distance, and flip-up function.
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Galilean Loupe 3.5X With Anti Fog Frame

Galilean Loupe 3.5X is produced by high-quality optical glass material with multi-coating. It can supply a large field of views and a large depth of field
This specific loupe is used for reducing dentist’s eye, neck, and shoulder fatigue, which is caused by a long time of lower head work.

Why should you buy Galilean Loupe 3.5X:

Those are professional dental surgical loupes with adjustable magnification. This model has a working distance of 270mm at 3.5x. The field of view is wide 120mm. These loupes are comfortably designed with lightweight but durable sports glass frames and an adjustable flip-up design. Adjustable 2.5x-3x magnification provides a wide expanded field of view and a deep 4-5″ depth of field for easy use and viewing.

Galilean Loupe, how is it made:

Our sports frames have polycarbonate (non-Rx) lenses for safe working and easy cleaning and titanium and reinforced resin sidearms for a strong lightweight design. The Galilean lens is tri-coated with anti-glare, fog, and scratch resistance.

Technical Parameters:

Ultra-Light Weight Binocular (49.0 grams)  
One Step Pupillary Adjustment  
Convenient 420mm Working Distance 
Adjustable Angular Viewing  
Large Depth of Field  
Easy Convergence Settings 
Safety Soft Touch Frame  

Product Testimonials

You are in good company!

For a reasonable price, you can not have anything better than those loupes

Kelly Maddorff / Little Rock, AK

Simple, cheap but also well crafted

Katie Lommings / Southampton
I have bought 2pcs since the price was very affordable and loupes are useful, good product for me and my hygienist
Bjorn Magnusson / Gotheburg

Finalmente un occhiale leggero e poco costoso

Dr.Gianni Colasante / Italia

We bought one as a test and 5 later. Good product and extra low price!

Praxis Zahn / Bern, SWI

Good producto, obrigado

dental clinic / Porto

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Customer Reviews

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Ortho service st.anne
Galilean Loupe 3.5X


Top smiles (Perth, AU)
Ordered another

We liked the first one so much that we have bought another loupe!

Bush and Ass. (Fairfax, US)
Excellent tool for taking images

For this price is great

Studio odontoiatrico Persiano
Ben fatto A++

Un vero affare questi occhiali!

Dental services Duff
Galilean Loupe 3.5X

It has many settings, good loupe

Dental comunidad
loupes 3.5

It works very well

Raquel Soares (Mexico City, MX)
100% Bueno


Jackson clinic, Charleston (Burke, US)
2 for 70euro good deal

I have used the loupes for one month now, very happy with it

Durban dental clinic (Johannesburg, ZA)
3.5X Loupe

For this price, it`s a very good product

Point red dental (London, GB)
Simple but well made

For this little price is great