Do you think composite restoration procedures take too much of your time? Here is the most competitive and revolutionary solution

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Flexibility at its highest level – 1-second curing light is not just a curing light, but a versatile multi-purpose light with more features:

Blue LED light for 3.6mm resin solidification in just ONE second. Purple LED light and dedicated tip to activate the Caries detection function.

PLUS: Contactless charging and Built-in Light Meter, to check the light intensity in just one click.

This impressive and complete curing light will surely supercharge and speed up your restorative procedures

Super Power Program > 2.500mW/cm² for 1 second to cure

You can also utilize 1 second curing light for curing with normal settings, thanks to 3 Programs: FULL, INCREMENTAL, and PULSE.

So, what is the secret? Is in the upgraded optoelectronics that delivers more uniform and lowers dispersion optical beam further optimizing curing power in depth. Importantly for the patient, heat generation is significantly reduced.

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