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Electric LED Brushless micromotor introduces the most innovative electric technology in the dental market!

Why it is Special:

  • This successful electric motor is made of Titanium, which improves its performance and life span. The result of using Titanium is unparalleled balance and comfort. In addition to stable power and perfect control of the speed, you will enjoy the cutting experience at its best, due to an impressive torque power!
  • Electric Brushless LED Micromotor features a LED light that gives you perfect white daylight quality light throughout the entire treatment area. The installed LED source provides an almost unimaginable intensity of daylight quality light, which is many times brighter than standard halogen light.
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Electric Brushless micromotor is one of the most innovative products in the market: The extensive use of Titanium in this successful electric motor improves its performance and life span.
The wide use of Titanium results in a unit that is 20% lighter than most of the other similar motors in the market. The result is unparalleled balance and comfort, stable power, perfect control of the speed, and impressive torque.

Why should you buy a Brushless Micromotor?

The new technology allows having a particularly small and surprisingly light micromotor. Moreover, thanks to the extensive use of Titanium it is comfortable to hold, extra robust, and helps in reducing hand fatigue.
In addition, provides constant output power, long service life, and extremely quiet operation.
This Micromotor features a LED light that gives you perfect white daylight quality light in any sector.
The installed LED source provides an almost unimaginable intensity of daylight quality light.

Which are the advantages of Brushless Electric Motors?

The brushless micromotors are also gaining huge popularity due to their great functionality and efficiency. The installed permanent magnet in brushless motors keeps you from the fuss of changing the continuous carbon brush over and over again. Moreover, increased torque per watt of power input (increased efficiency), higher torque to weight ratio, and longer lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion) make nowadays Brushless dental motors much more on request than brush motors.

Why LED Brushless Micromotor is so small and light?

Brushless technology is completely different from brush technology. As the electricity is supplied from the non-moving static part to the moving rotatory part without direct contact with materials, the ratio of total resistance is way lesser than that of the carbon brush micro motor.

Unlike the conventional brush micromotors used in the most common dental chairs, the rotor consists of a permanent magnet. In fact, the brushless micromotors are installed with a heavy-duty magnet, and the electric power is transmitted to the commutator or the rotatory part through the magnetic field. The electronic drive creates a rotating electric field, which is controlled by several microprocessors. As a consequence, those microprocessors effectively control the speed and torque. Therefore, you will find out that this LED Micromotor provides an unparallel cutting experience.
Moreover, there are much fewer components in a brushless motor. Consequently, the weight is more minor than in brush motors.

You can choose the Full Set or only the Electric Brushless Motor!

Why buy the FULL SET:

  • REPLACEMENT: If you need to replace your old Brush Electric Micromotor and Central Unit inside your dental chair
  • UPGRADE: Add a new, innovative, and performing LED Electric System to your dental unit

The Full Set consists of:

Titanium LED Brushless Micromotor
Built-in Control Unit
Unbreakable cable (6 Holes, E-Type)
Stand-alone Motor Control Keypad

Choose FULL Set or Motor:

Full Set, Titanium Motor

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