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The New EMS Scaler features: LED light, Peristaltic Pump, 3 Functions and Wireless pedal!

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New 2024 EMS LED scaler with pump

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  • The extraordinary WIRELESS pedal control eliminates the annoying electric cable, giving you more space and cleanliness during all operations.
  • For the greatest usability, you can set the speed and quantity of fluid, with an adjustable Peristaltic pump.
  • You can choose three Functions: Scaling Endo and Perio in just one click.

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This new LED scaler with pump EMS compatible is the most complete and affordable scaler you can buy in the market!

A new, innovative product for high-end users, it brings to your practice a more convenient, faster experience. With this in mind, hygiene procedures will result in much more comfortable compliance for your patients.

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Why do dentists use a separate water bottle for ultrasonic scalers?

Waterlines within dental offices, referring to the plastic tubing that delivers water to instruments like the high-speed handpiece, air/water syringe, and ultrasonic scaler, encourage the growth of bacteria and the formation of biofilm. This is attributed to factors such as the extended narrow-bore tubing, irregular flow rates, and the possibility of retraction of oral fluids. Failure to appropriately treat the water poses potential risks to the health of dental healthcare personnel and patients.
This risk can be avoided if the water source is isolated from the municipal water system. It is always best practice to consider dental ultrasonic scalers with a separate water supply. Another key factor is the ability of the associated peristaltic pump to provide a constant and adjustable flow of the most appropriate coolant.

Features of the New 2024 EMS-compatible Scaler with Pump:

This is the only scaler in the market that features a Peristaltic pump, an extraordinary new Wireless pedal Control, and a detachable LED handpiece and it is 100% EMS compatible!
Easily switch to any of three Functions Scaling Endo and Perio in just one click, unlike other scalers.
The LED light handpiece Handpiece detachable and autoclavable to reduce cross-contamination risks. The handpiece cable with swivel allows 360° rotation, to provide ergonomic benefits by reducing cable drag.

Why Led Scaler with pump is the best option:

To avoid overtreatment of the site, Automatic Digital Feedback control will optimize the real power and tip friction in any situation.
The Italian-made, Built-in Peristaltic Pump can use any liquid solution, to avoid cross-contamination. As a result, you can assure patients that your procedures are the safest possible. With this Adjustable Peristaltic pump, you can set the speed and quantity of fluid. This function allows you to perfectly control the aerosol in real-time.

Equally important, this awesome scaler is equipped with an Automatic Auto clean program to effectively clean all the irrigation parts.

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Weight 3.5 kg

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas rice, dds (Roedermark, DE)
EMS Scaler LED with Pump

Fast shipping and super good quality scaler

Cumber street dental
Awesome Scaler LED

t is nice product and the quality is more that sufficient for such amount of money.A+++++

Perfect dental smiles (Dublin, IE)
Perfect ems scaler

I am satisfied with this nice quality A lot of features

Dr. Klaus Hruster
A+ scaler ems


Turinge Zahnartzentrum (Roedermark, DE)
100% good

For me it is a great unit

Amir Shahir (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
EMS Scaler LED with Pump

Lots of functions, very good ems scaler

Renato Casalo
Awesome Scaler!

Very good but took 3 wekks to Portugal

Dr Antony Callaghan (Dublin, IE)
EMS Scaler LED with Pump

Best unit to buy. Shipping not fast

life smiles
EMS Scaler LED with Pump

Unit is very good, wieless control works great as I can move it everywhee. A very good machine. I recommend it.

Tandart Gus K. (Dietzenbach, DE)
EMS Scaler LED with Pump

I like it, good transaction