Cordless Endodontic Motor is a true gem.
And the price is fantastic, too!

Total sales 41 pcs

This reliable Cordless Endodontic motor offers cordless convenience, lightweight, and ergonomic design to deliver complete portability. We have a very special price for you. Not surprisingly, it is one of our best sellers!

You can easily switch from rotary to reciprocating with a press of a button, at any time.

For the most exigent dentists, our Endodontic digital motor has five torque settings and nine rotation speeds available for different applications.

Endodontic Motor is equipped with a heavy-duty high torque motor, which can provide a stable torque in the range of 0.6-4.0Ncm² – The speed range can be set between 140-600rpm, according to the desired Torque

Same as most prestigious brands, 3 Operating Modes ensure efficiency and flexibility: auto-reverse or auto-reverse & stop, auto-stop.

The contra-angle MINI head of our Cordless Endodontic Motor can be connected with the motor handpiece at 6 adjustable head positions.