Discover how to work faster, lighter, at a very reasonable cost. This excellent increasing LED contra angle it`s 100% Titanium made!

Total sold 100 pcs

With infection control being a popular topic in the current situation, many practices are considering how to reduce aerosol splatter in the surgery and therefore reduce the risk of virus particle transmission.

This extraordinary increasing LED contra angle is precisely manufactured with 100% Titanium. Plus, the anatomical, natural grip that Titanium offers provides genuine and life-changing convenience while working, delivering excellent grip and ergonomics.

Speed Increasing Handpiece can be connected to Any ISO E-Type Electric Motors, to ensure maximum flexibility.

Enjoy the incredible overall weight of 85grams, thanks to the massive use of titanium.

Colour accuracy and color temperature are perfectly optimized thanks to the cellular light spot precisely oriented in the contra angle head, therefore providing outstanding illumination of the treatment site.

The latest technology of Angular Ceramic Bearings provides extended service life, reduced vibrations, and extra quiet operation ( Read more here )

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