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Galilean Optics offers an extraordinarily wide field of view that delivers a clear and crisp vision throughout.

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Dental Headband Loupes 3.5X

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The quality of your work is already awesome. Something may help you to reach excellence!
2 Versions: Without or With LED Light!

Why it is Special:

  • Headband Loupes features an extra lightweight binocular Galilean lens, that weighs just ~55grams!
    Carefully crafted, Headband loupe 3.5X features an extra comfortable design, distributing the weight of the loupes across your head, you will feel them much lighter and more comfortable than any other loupe you have ever tried on!
  • Galilean Optics offers an extraordinarily wide field of view that delivers a clear and crisp vision throughout.
    The carefully crafted design offers multiple adjustment points that allow you to adjust the height, angle, and girth of this Headband Loupes 3.5X.

Plus, we really have the most affordable price here for you!

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Dental Headband Loupes 3.5X

Dental Headband Loupes is the perfect choice for use in dental clinics for endodontic cases and general medical examinations. In other words, you can improve your daily performance and increase the quality of surgery and endodontic procedures!
To put it another way, our Headband Loupes allow dentists to maintain the ideal posture when operating in a patient`s mouth, therefore ensuring more comfortable positions and prolonged working time.

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Some of the Dental headband loupes 3.5X features are:

In detail, the Multi-coated technology and the scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images. Coupled with perfectly adjustable Inter-pupillary distance controls ensures precise alignment of the optics.
As a result, perfect and independent flexibility and custom adjustment are optimal.
To explain, using a Galilean system is proven to provide ergonomic benefits and longer working time. Moreover, the headband is very practical and much easier to wear than simple loupes.

LED Light Specifications:

Light Intensity:65000lux
LED source life span: 20000h
Spot size (420mm): min 1 max 9mm
Working time before full charge:≥6h
Charging time: 4h
Input:  AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Brightness: Adjustable
Spot size:  Adjustable

Why should you buy Headband loupes 3.5X?

Not only the flexible coil temples wrap-around fits the user’s anatomy securely and comfortably, but also has a lightweight plastic frame, just 55grams!
This Headband Loupe 3.5X is of course the ideal all-purpose loupe. In fact, the feather-light weight, low-profile design, and low cost of the loupe make it one of the best loupes available in the dental market.

Magnification: 3.5X
Working Distance: >280-380mm
Field of View: >60mm

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Weight 1.1 kg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Studio odontoiatrico Micheli
Headband Loupe 3.5X

Ottimo per lo studio,si adatta bene alla testa

McConnel Dental (Dallas, US)
Perfect transaction

Solid structure and good light very good overall

Shriff dental (Dublin, IE)
I like this headband loupes

Light is very focused

Markus Brenner (Vienna, AT)
Good price

It is quite light and easy to setup

Vassily Gourchas (Wroclaw, PL)
Headband Loupe 3.5X

Good quality loupe and affordable

Meyyside dental clinic (Sydney, AU)
Loupe is very well made

Extra light weight and easy to wear

Dental lab Pratijk (Jeju City, KR)
Headband Loupe 3.5X

Excellent. Craft Optics are pretty much the same, but cost $400 more. Definitely a good buy.

Mariela Denali (Bucharest, RO)
Headband Loupe 3.5X

after a little adjustment for yourself, small details are clearly visible

Saintmalo dentiste
Headband Loupe 3.5X

Easy to use and robust optical

Barbra Southgate
Loupe 3.5X is lightweight and comfortable to wear

Great loupes to use