The combination of 5 optical-grade lenses, brilliant LED lighting, and a comfortable design make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals and technicians alike.

The versatile desig ensures you can work comfortably, whether you prefer the ease of glasses or the stability of a headband.

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Oral Hygiene Procedures Complete Set

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Autoclavable Box + Tips Wrench

Universal Implant drivers kit

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This autoclavable cassette combines sterilization, storage, and organization of hygiene instruments in one integrated system. It is made of high-grade 304 Stainless Steel with a satin finish.
It can accommodate one Scaler Handpiece of your choice, 6 compatible Tips, and one Scaler Wrench.
We have a wide list of Scaling tips to choose from EMS, Woodpecker, NSK, Satelec, Sirona, and DTE.

Scaling Set Cavity Preparation Set

Perio Set

Set starts from 149.00$

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The Oral Hygiene Set autoclavable cassette can accommodate one scaler handpiece, 6 tips, and one tip wrench. As a matter of fact, it combines sterilization, storage, and organization of instruments in one integrated system.

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Why buy Oral Hygiene Procedures Complete Set with Autoclavable Cassette?

In particular, we have used high-grade stainless steel to make this box suitable for high-temperature sterilization up to 135°, therefore you can sterilize a full set for your next prophylaxis procedure.
Moreover, the removable internal tray allows for better handling. Another key point: the box features apertures wherethrough the high-temperature steam can pass to perfectly reach any part.
The Silicone supports hosts the handpiece in a safe and stable position so that the handpiece will not move during transportation.

About Our Scaler Handpieces:

Fully compatible with the most popular scalers in the market – EMS Satelec Woodpecker DTE.
Pain-free for the patient thanks to the linear motions of the scaler tip.

The controlled linear movement of the tip means extremely comfortable treatment.

LED optic and non-optic versions are both available. The LED version has one light ring for perfect illumination of the preparation site. The metal version is made of aluminum alloy for perfect disinfection and enhanced maneuverability thanks to the reduced weight.
EMS Satelec compatible scaler handpiece provides excellent scaling performance and is COST EFFECTIVE.

Moreover, the solenoid is cast from titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability.
3 Versions to choose: autoclavable Plastic / autoclavable Metal / LED Plastic

About our Scaler Tips SETS:

Determining what tip or insert to use depends on your patient’s oral health. It is not a one-size fit choice, so it is important you have options, to ensure you are providing the best care. After all, it all depends on what the patient’s oral health looks like when they present. You may need four tips for one patient and only two tips for the next patient!
We have organized our Ultrasonic Scaler Tips Sets in order to have ready any tip you may need for any given patient.

Scaling Set

Cavity Preparation Set

Perio Set

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