Composite filling titanium coated set

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Say bye to the annoying composite sticking on your filling instruments!

All those 6 instruments are made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel, with a final titanium-coated finish.
This coating treatment provides for exceptional non-stick placement of materials without the need to use a separating medium (spirit or monomer) while handling or shaping the material.
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Titanium Nitride coating resists scratching, minimizes composite tug-back, and is corrosion-resistant. Each instrument and the surgical box are autoclavable at 135°.
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Composite filling titanium-coated set

The composite titanium set includes six pieces of all the must-have hand instruments needed to work with composite or glass ionomers. This essential set of 6 instruments makes it simple for the dentist to place, shape, and contour dental composites. Made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, with a titanium-coated finish.Video watch

The advantages of titanium-coating finish:

The final titanium coating treatment makes the instruments Non-Sticky thereby no need to use a separating medium (spirit or monomer ) while handling or shaping the material. A highly polished finish provides a longer aesthetic and corrosion resistance. This composite filling set will last much longer than any other steel instrument!
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Medical Grade premium quality stainless steel with titanium-coated finish.
Each instrument is autoclavable at 135°.
The instrument’s length is 18.5cm.

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