Does your dental chair have no light? Here is the solution

How the latest dental technology can help improve your work

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A single LED+ ring inside the head offers 360° illumination of the treatment site.

Innovative E-generator Led handpiece will work in every dental unit. No optical fiber unit or cables is needed. How does it work? Normally, the light spot in the head in all Optical high-speed handpiece is illuminated by a light source housed inside the dental chair. Instead, the E-generator LED Handpiece contains an integrated dynamo ( technically called E-generator ) which is driven pneumatically by the flow of air as it moves to the handpiece head. The handpiece head contains an embedded LED that is directly connected to the E-generator and provides daylight-quality 25.000Lux to illuminate the integrated LED+ ring. This LED is specifically designed for a dental high-speed handpiece and can deliver 360° Shadowless Illumination.

E-generator LED handpiece Shadowless features long-lasting ceramic ball bearings for vibration-free operation and a Hygienic head with an anti suction system to prevent cross-contamination and ensure head isolation.

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