Can you buy a great quality scaler handpiece
at a very reasonable price?

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Fully compatible with the most popular scalers in the market – EMS Satelec NSK Woodpecker DTE.
Pain-free for the patient thanks to the linear motions of the scaler tip.

The controlled linear movement of the tip means extremely comfortable treatment.

LED optic and non-optic versions are both available. The LED version has one light ring for perfect illumination of the preparation site. The metal version is made of aluminum alloy for perfect disinfection and enhanced maneuverability thanks to the reduced weight.
EMS Satelec compatible scaler handpiece provides excellent scaling performance and is COST EFFECTIVE.

The solenoid is cast from titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
3 Versions to choose: autoclavable Plastic / autoclavable Metal / LED Plastic

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