Are you still spending a lot of time when curing composite? Here is the latest and most cost-effective solution.

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The High power light-emitting diode can deliver the maximum intensity of 2500 Mw/Cm², which effectively cures 2mm resins in just 1 Second

The shortened curing time can help clinicians be more effective while curing because it can reduce the possibility of light moving while curing.

One Second curing light provides constant light intensity, therefore the solidification effect is stable even when the battery power decrease. The wavelength of 420-480nm can cure the widest specter of composite resins.

The High-Intensity Mode ( P1 ) is used to cure in ONE second, applying the power of 2500 Mw/Cm²; while Normal Intensity Mode (P2) can be used in normal composite restorations, same as standard LED Light Cure

The long-lasting lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and will last for 500 cycles of 10-secs on the high-intensity mode or 1000 cycles of 20-secs on the normal-intensity mode.

To allow maximum ergonomics, One Second curing light is equipped with an unbreakable Probe with 360° rotation.

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