The combination of 5 optical-grade lenses, brilliant LED lighting, and a comfortable design make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals and technicians alike.

The versatile desig ensures you can work comfortably, whether you prefer the ease of glasses or the stability of a headband.

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This is the must-have tool to engage patients
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A Dental Intraoral Camera with a monitor is the perfect solution for any dental practice to engage patients. This milestone can be easily achieved with this package. Simple, efficient, and affordable!
Let`s start with the Camera: The miniaturized 1/4 sony CCD high-resolution sensor delivers superb images and helps in keeping the camera`s overall weight at just 75grams. You can take excellent pictures of the Intraoral cavity thanks to its Autofocus lens. The camera head is equipped with 6pcs Built-in high brightness long-life white LED to provide the best illumination possible of the oral cavity, in any situation.
Dental Intraoral Camera with monitor package comes with the option ( 17″ or 19″, both LCD ) to choose which Monitor size best suits your space. Both monitors are a multimedia station: A complete set of input options ( Video, USB, VGA, HDMI ) features allow this monitor to be useful in many situations such as directly connect it to MP3, USB portable storage, and other electronic equipment, If you like some entertainment option, you can play movie, music, and files in JPG format. You can choose to display one to four images on the screen, making your interaction with patients more effective and clear.


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Ultimate Dental Oral Camera CCD sensor+Monitor

The Intraoral Camera with Monitor new model provides high-resolution images, high performance, and effective autofocus.

Dental Camera with Monitor package includes an Intraoral Camera and a choice of 17″ or 19″LCD screen with safe tempered glass.
Both 17″ or 19″  LCD screen monitors can freely adjust contrast, lightness, and color. This upgraded monitor can show full image, quad, or even nine images at the same time!

Some Dental Intra Oral Camera with Monitor features are:

Dental Oral Camera has built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED to provide the best illumination possible of the oral cavity, in any situation.

In detail, to respect the optimal ergonomics, the main 5 control buttons are on the frontal side: Freeze, Save, Previous image, Next image, Delete.

Furthermore Freeze and Save buttons are on the backside, for your convenience.

Why choose Dental Intraoral Camera with the monitor:

The latest 1/4 SONY CCD high-resolution delivers perfect and crisp images

This system has a unique feature: it can show full images, quad, and nine images at the same time.
Dental Intraoral Camera with the monitor is equipped with the most complete set of multifunctional input: Video, USB, VGA, HDMI. Now you can store images in a USB drive and also play movies, music, and files in JPG format, too!

Dental Intraoral Camera with Monitor is suitable for PAL and NTSC systems.

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Weight 5.5 kg

17 Inches, 19 Inches