The combination of 5 optical-grade lenses, brilliant LED lighting, and a comfortable design make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals and technicians alike.

The versatile desig ensures you can work comfortably, whether you prefer the ease of glasses or the stability of a headband.

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Scaler Insert G5

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Similar to the G1 insert, but longer and slimmer

Total sold 18pcs


ultrasonic scaling insert g5 ems

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How to use Ultrasonic Scaler Insert G5:

Similar shape to G1 insert but longer and thinner. With this in mind, use the Ultrasonic Scaler Insert G5 to remove calculus on anterior teeth, the neck of the molars as well as supragingival calculus. Next, place the side of the tip on the tooth and move the insert sideways.

In details:

  • Significantly removes supragingival tartar
  • Specifically recommended for removal of tartar narrow interdental space
  • Helps to remove of marginal gingival calculus
  • Removal of gingival biofilm under the natural tooth

The key points

We deliver quality at reasonable costs.


Different from all conventionally coated tips, up to 40% longer life span can be achieved. In particular, we follow the highest standard in the market to temper the biocompatible surgical steel. Therefore, resistance to rust and friction is guaranteed.

Fully Compatible

Indeed, our Scaler Tips are suitable for different systems.For this reason, you can choose your favorite connection type: EMS, Satelec, NSK, Woodpecker, DTE and Sirona. In other words: you will buy quality scaler tips at a reasonable cost.

How is it made

Learn about material and procesess

The technology behind 

Made by dedicated special alloy (3cr13). As a result, the surface of the tips is extremely hard and highly resistant against abrasive wear. The special material adopted and relative treatments provide enhanced friction-resistant properties, therefore maximum resistance against of break and rust.

The results 

The multiple as well as highly precise manufacturing processes offer a perfectly polished instrument surface. As a result, this treatment increases the scaler tips lifespan.

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